Virgin VIP Hospitality Area at V Festival

Our client submitted a brief for us to create the ultimate music VIP hospitality facility at V Festival, Chelmsford – positioning the Virgin brand as “The Home of Rock & Roll”. The facility was to host all key media buyers and planners within the Golden Media Mile in London s West End, along with Virgin Group CEO’s and senior management. It was also to provide Rock n Roll respite for musicians and artists performing at the festival. Finally interview and broadcast areas were also a requirement to deliver content “as live” to be broadcast nationally via FM & Digital Radio & Internationally online. Specifications included design, build, project management & on site support staff during the whole event. The results were truly outstanding resulting in significant increases in audience listening, online activity and an additional £1 million + advertising revenue generated through the festival weekend activity.

Inside the giant marquee we constructed a 8m long oak bar for Hard Rock Café, at the other a full sized stage for artistes (or bands) to give exclusive performances , in between the two was a dance floor and lounge area with sofas and coffee tables. Outside the front of the marquee was turned in to a country house and in the grounds there was live broadcast radio station, and catering facility. No country house would be complete without a 60,000l terraced swimming pool with full sun-deck and of course a Rolls Royce crashed into it; pure Rock and Roll.

Richard Branson stated, “ In all my years leading Virgin, this is the best representation of the Virgin brand I have ever been a part of.”