Big Star

Virgin Radio was looking for a major promotion that would not only capture the imagination of their existing listeners but also create UK-wide publicity increasing awareness of the brand to potential new listeners.

We devised and developed the idea of the ‘Big Star’ playing on the double meaning of a Big Star being associated with Virgin Radio, whilst also representing the logo of the station in the form of a real, giant Perspex star.

A real coup was negotiated in us acquiring permission to suspend the Big Star across one of London’s major shopping and traffic thoroughfares, Regent Street, creating both massive public interest and incredible PR exposure.

We also installed 24/7 webcam technology which allowed anyone in the world to go online and examine the Big Star as it hung over Regent Street. This also allowed anyone in the UK the opportunity to take part in the competition by using Virgin Radio’s website to see the Big Star and make a guess of how much money was actually inside.

The results were outstanding with listening figures to the station rising to their highest point in over 4 years, breaking all records for online