The Earth Awards

This formed part of the START Festival set up by The Princes Charities Foundation, founded by The Prince of Wales and held at various Royal venues across London.

All about sustainability – The Earth Awards Exhibition, is a global award dedicated to identifying viable designs for a more sustainable future.

EMO were involved in creating three of the exhibits, The Eco Villa, the Sea Container Gallery and The Pallet House.

The Eco Villa

EMO were asked to design and build an exhibit that reflected the sustainable values and architectural design elements within a 6m-diameter footprint.

Three weeks were allocated to design & pre build the villa in sections ready for transportation to Clarence House.

All of the timber with exception of the floor and window frames, was green wood and cut specifically for the project. The walls were constructed of a timber frame with straw infill and a lime render topcoat.

The interior was coloured with a lime wash mixed with Ochre, hand mined from the local Clearwell caves. The roof was wildflower meadow grass.

Once completed and on site EMO provided staff throughout the duration of the show to talk visitors through the design and build principles.

The villa was then given to The Lydney Park Estate where the majority of the materials came from to be used as a permanent demonstration of sustainability.

Sea Container Gallery

Here our brief was to create a gallery space for the Start Festival at Clarence House.

The solution was to convert a re cycled sea container and create something that could be used time and again.

We created a “Sea Through Gallery” with a green living roof of wild flower meadow turf – this allowed it to blend into its surroundings.

Following the exhibition we donated it to Coleford Town Council in the Forest of Dean for community use.

The Pallet House

A US based architect had designed a house made from used pallets, with a roof of slates made from recycled tyres. We were then asked to physically build the project.

Again pre fabricated offsite prior to its 3-day reconstruction on site within the grounds of Marlborough House.

This was collaboration with Wallpaper magazine responsible for decorating the interior and Tom Dixon who supplied the furnishings.